Your Evernote Quickstart Guide

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Have  you heard of Evernote? – that awesome organizing program that’s supposed to make your life simpler? It sounds like a miracle from above – one program that can “manage it all” as their website says. All of your important documents, project notes, contacts, shopping lists, everything but the kitchen sink in one place (maybe the kitchen sink will come in the next update, who knows?)! And to top it all off – it’s FREE to get started!

So you...

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5 Incredibly Important Things I Learned From Louise Hay

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Hello Beautiful,

Louise Hay changed my life. Dramatically. Powerfully. Beautifully.

Have you heard of Louise Hay? She was the author and founder of Hay House Publishing. She wrote several books, but the one that changed my life was You Can Heal Your Life. I remember where I was when I first started reading that book, and it was many years ago back in 1994. I remember I was on my porch. I remember the chair I was sitting in. I remember how reading her words made such a significant impact on...

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How to Email Content Into Evernote (Big timesaver!)

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Even if you're brand new to Evernote you'll want to check out this big timesaver tip: How to email content directly into your Evernote account.

Watch the quick 3-Minute video to learn how.


No matter your level of Evernote experience, the first step to taking advantage of productivity is by emailing content directly into your account.

Take Action

Try it out! Next time you get an invoice or receipt you need to save email, into Evernote into a Notebook called "Receipts".

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How to do a Brain Dump and Create Master Lists to Help You Manage Your Tasks

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Do you ever get overwhelmed thinking about all the tasks and to do's you need to get done? Do you even know all the tasks that need to get done to help you reach your goals? Using the Brain Dump exercise and creating some Master Tasks Lists is a wonderful way to manage your tasks and be more productive. 

How to do the Brain Dump Exercise and Create Your Master Task Lists

  • Grab some paper and writing materials. You can do this directly into your task application such as Trello or Todoist,...

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8 Chrome Hacks to Help You Get Organized

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Do you use the Chrome browser extension? According to the federal government's Digital Analytics Program (DAP) Chrome is the most widely used browser. 

Chrome has some fantastic features that can help you get organized and be more productive.

In my latest training video, I'll show you 8 hacks for Chrome that will help you be more organized. In this 15-minute training you'll learn how to:

  • Organize your bookmarks: 00:34
  • Manage your Chrome extensions: 04:44
  • Use the cool One Tab Chrome...

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11 Must-Have Apps for Your Mobile Device

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Have you noticed how the term “There’s an app for that,” is more popular than ever? It seems like every day there’s a new cool app to check out. But that can get a little chaotic installing every new app that comes along. It's easy to end up having tons of apps on your phone that you never use.

So what apps are essential? So glad you asked! I’m sharing my 11 Must-Have Apps and why I use them.


trello mobile.gif

Of course, Trello is my list. It’s my current task...

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Two Tools to Record and Transcribe Quickly, Easily and Inexpensively


I recently discovered two tools that have made my life easier and I wanted to share. The first is called Loom and Loom lets you record videos super easy and free. The second is called AmberScript and you can try this one for free and then it’s very inexpensive after that. Read on to learn more. 


Do you ever have a time when you need to record something really quick? Maybe it’s your face or your screen. I do this a lot and I would always use ScreenFlow that’s...

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How to Easily Create Evernote Tables to Get Organized

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One of my favorite features of Evernote is the table feature. I love this option for creating cool checklists and templates in Evernote like this Money Tracker I created. Tracking your incoming money is an excellent way to create more abundance in your life. It helps you to feel grateful and more aware of what you do receive.


Tables are a great way to track projects, organize information, and break out information you’re presenting to others.

Here are some ways you could incorporate tables...

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How to Create Your Own POWERBOOK

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For many years I have used what I call my PowerBook. It’s a powerful tool I created to keep me focused on what is important to me and I use mine daily. Here is how to prepare your own PowerBook:

Step 1

Purchase a journal or notebook that you want to use, making sure it has at least 100 pages or so. Get one that is a color or design that you find pleasing. If you are using a plain notebook, you can decorate the cover with pictures and words you like.

Step 2

Go through magazines...

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How to Organize Your Next Trip With Evernote

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Can you believe it’s almost Labor Day here in the USA, which signifies the unofficial end of summer? I know we all say this a lot but wow – where did the time go?

In honor of Labor Day and the holiday season not that far off (oh my!) this week’s organizing project is how to use Evernote to plan your next trip. This is great for both business and personal trips.

Watch the video or read the post and try it out. I promise your traveling will go much more smoothly with...

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