5 Incredibly Important Things I Learned From Louise Hay

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Hello Beautiful,

Louise Hay changed my life. Dramatically. Powerfully. Beautifully.

Have you heard of Louise Hay? She was the author and founder of Hay House Publishing. She wrote several books, but the one that changed my life was You Can Heal Your Life. I remember where I was when I first started reading that book, and it was many years ago back in 1994. I remember I was on my porch. I remember the chair I was sitting in. I remember how reading her words made such a significant impact on me: my life was forever changed.

#1 - Louise Taught Me to Love Myself

She talks about how most people suffer from self-hatred and guilt, and the bottom line for most of is “I’m not good enough.” But then she explains how you can change these thoughts and get empowered, and thus change your life.

#2 - Louise Taught Me It’s Ok To Be Exactly Who You Are, Right Now, No Matter What

I, like I’m sure many of you do, often delay things until I ‘fix something.’ Like “I’ll go buy that new outfit after I lose 20 pounds.” Why not go buy the outfit right now, and you’ll feel prettier and probably lose the 20 pounds easier because your confidence is boosted? Louise emphasizes how crucial it is to live in the moment, and that in this moment you are okay just as you are.

#3 - Louise Taught Me That I Can Choose What Thoughts I Want to Think

Louise says “It’s only a thought and thoughts can be changed.” She says “every thought we think is creating our future.” It may sound impossible, but she explains the method you can use to change your thoughts and thus change your future.

#4 - Louise Taught Me the Power of Affirmations

One of the most empowering ways to change your thoughts is by using affirmations which are positive phrases you repeat to yourself such as “I am lovable just the way I am.” It may sound corny, but believe me, it works.

One of the most significant events I created using affirmations was moving from Utah to California. I visited California and fell in love with the ocean and dolphins. I wanted to move there but knew no one there, had no job and was a single mother of a 7-year-old. It sounded like a pipe dream. But I created the move to California by using regular positive affirmations, visualizing myself living by the ocean, and then acting on insights I had. Believe me - it works.

#5 - Louise Taught Me That Thinking Negative Thoughts More Than Positive Thoughts Can Make My Life Miserable and Can Cause Pain in My Body

In her book, Louise has a section that lists physical ailments and what she believes is the thought/emotional cause of each one. For example, headaches are “Invalidating the self. Self-criticism. Fear.” She then lists a positive affirmation to state to help counter the physical ailment. In this case, it’s “I love and approve of myself. I see myself and what I do with eyes of love. I am safe.” This is powerful stuff, and even if you don’t believe it can help, what’s the harm in saying the affirmation?

Thank you, Louise - Again. 

In the last few months since I’ve really been ‘going for it’ with my business, putting myself out there, being authentic, I’ve really needed to reread Louise’s wise words.

It can be scary putting yourself online: opening yourself up to criticism and hurtful comments from others. I’ve realized how important it is to stay strong in my love for myself - no matter what anyone else says or does. So I got out the You Can Heal Your Life book and dug in again. And once again, it’s changing my life.

My wish for you is that you love yourself. No matter what happens in your life. No matter what anyone says or does. How utterly wonderful would our world be if we all loved ourselves, for then we would also be kind and loving to one another?


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