15 Ways to Simplify Your Life in 5 Minutes or Less

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Do you have 5 minutes to spare? Pick a project below and start simplifying in 5 minutes or less!

#1: Purchase the App called 1Password and never have to remember another password again. (Well, you have to remember 1 password to open it, but that’s it.) You can access on your computer, tablet, and phone. Believe me, it’s wonderful never having to search for a username or password again. And, it’s more secure as you can create much better passwords than something like “pass1234”!

#2: Go to unroll.me and quickly unsubscribe from all those email lists you subscribed to but never read. (But please don’t unsubscribe from this one. If you do, how will I be able to give you more fabulous tips like this one?)

#3: Cancel every 'should' that you’ve committed to for the next month. 'Should’s' are those things you feel like you should do but don’t really want to do. Commit to reducing at least some of the 'shoulds' this month and see how much more joy and freedom you feel.

#4: Get a glass jar or a big pretty bottle and decorate it or label it “everyday miracles”. Put the jar where you’ll see it every day and periodically write down a little miracle that you experienced, fold up the piece of paper, and put in the jar. It will be fun to see it grow regularly and you can even read them all at the end of the year. (I got this idea from Leonie Dawson of My Shining Year Workbooks.)

#5: Every day come up with one thing you’re grateful for. I know you’ve heard this one before but switch it up and make it fun. You can even post them on Instagram or other social media for fun.

#6: Take out a piece of paper. You can make it as simple as an 8.5 x 11 paper or as grand as a big poster board. Write the word “Accomplishments” at the top of it in big letters. Hang it up where you’ll see it regularly. At least once a week write something on it. And I’m not talking about big stuff like “graduated from college”. I’m talking about “I took a day for myself and went to the spa” kind of stuff. Or “I made it through the week without talking negatively about anyone”.

#7: Write down all the tasks you need to do that are taking up space in your mind. Write them down, let them go for now. Review the list weekly and choose which ones to work on that week. Read here for more tips on this.

#8: Go to the National Do Not Call Registry and enter your phone number(s) so you don’t get those annoying telemarketing companies calling you. You can also go here and take your name off the list to get prescreened credit card offers. This will save on junk mail, not to mention trees!

#9: Next time you go to buy something other than necessities like food and staple items, ask yourself 3 questions before you buy it. 1) Do I love this item? 2) How will I feel about this item a year from now? 3) Do I still want to buy it? It’s really helped me not buy useless things I’ll never love or use.

#10: Make a commitment to get rid of at least 1 item in your household a week this year. Start a box and you can add items weekly and then donate, recycle, or trash. (Or you could go all out and de-clutter your entire living space, which I highly recommend!)

#11: Open your freezer and take out all those items that have been in there forever and throw them out. If you don’t know what it is, throw it out! If it has those little freezer burn fuzzies, throw it out!

#12: Get an envelope, take it to your car, and put in any coupons, flyers, etc. that you want to save in your car. One envelope. Neat and tidy. (Be sure and throw out all those expired coupons while you’re at it!)

#13: Go to your cell phone or tablet and delete/remove any Apps you bought or downloaded because they were 'so cool', 'so important', etc. but you never use them. And next time you go to purchase or download an App ask yourself, “Will this make my life easier?” “Will this bring me some joy or fun?” and if not, don’t download it.

#14: Delete any photos from your phone or tablet that you don’t want to save. (Remember how you took 5 pictures of something trying to get the perfect picture and kept all of them?)

#15: Create a morning ritual routine that you want to implement to keep you on track and focused on what’s important to you. For example, I have yoga, journaling, taking supplements, and more on my morning ritual list. What would you like to put on your morning ritual list?

There you go. Fifteen things you can do in 5 minutes or less each that will help simplify your life.



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