11 Must-Have Apps for Your Mobile Device

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Have you noticed how the term “There’s an app for that,” is more popular than ever? It seems like every day there’s a new cool app to check out. But that can get a little chaotic installing every new app that comes along. It's easy to end up having tons of apps on your phone that you never use.

So what apps are essential? So glad you asked! I’m sharing my 11 Must-Have Apps and why I use them.


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Of course, Trello is my list. It’s my current task management program and the app for your mobile phone is amazing. I love that I can easily add tasks on my phone and it syncs to my Trello desktop app. Learn why I love Trello here.

Ways you can use Trello on your mobile device

  • Add new tasks super quickly into Trello from anywhere
  • Cross off your completed tasks
  • Keep a gratitude and/or accomplishment list inside Trello

Where to get it

Get Trello here: https://trello.com/simplyaa/recommend



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Evernote is where I store most all of my files, PDF’s, receipts, and other info, so it makes sense I use it on my mobile phone as well. It’s super easy to pull up files, write new notes, and even record using the Evernote app. Check out Evernote free here and grab my free Evernote toolkit here to learn more.

Ways you can use Evernote on your mobile device

  • Take notes and even take pictures directly inside the app to save with your note.
  • Take photos of things you buy regularly like batteries, electric toothbrush refills, air filters, etc. By having a picture of the item along with the model number you can quickly pull up the note in Evernote while at the store and make sure you buy the correct item.
  • Share notes with someone easily from your mobile phone.

Where to get it

Get Evernote here: http://bit.ly/aaloveevernote



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Scannable is made by the Evernote team, but you don’t need to use Evernote to love it. Scannable is free and allows you to quickly scan contracts, receipts, business cards, and any paper that comes your way. Save or share documents instantly and move on. It’s super fast, and the images look way better than just using your camera. Get it here.

Ways you can use Scannable on your mobile device

  • Take pictures of receipts and email into Evernote or whatever program you use to save your receipts.
  • Scan important documents before you mail them to save in your files.
  • Take a picture of a document or a whiteboard with notes written on it and easily email or share with others.

Where to get it

Get Scannable here: https://evernote.com/products/scannable.


Any Clock App

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Okay, so you’re probably thinking wow – a clock app – say what?! But the basic clock app that came on my iPhone is used a lot.

Ways you can use the Clock app on your mobile device

  • For your alarm clock to wake up.
  • As an alarm when you have meetings. (I have my timer go off a few minutes before so I can get prepared for the meeting.)
  • As a reminder to do personal things like taking a break, drink more water, do affirmations, meditate, etc.

Where to get it

You should have a clock app already on your mobile phone.


Google Gmail App

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I love using Google Email app to check emails while I’m out and about. I do NOT have notifications turned on though. I prefer to check my email without notifications turned on.

Ways you can use the Google Gmail app on your mobile device

  • Have all your emails go into one Gmail account so you can easily check and send emails. See my how-to video here.
  • Label emails right in the mobile app and forward, save, archive.
  • You can even have Gmail use a special email signature just for mobile use if you like. Learn more about creating fabulous-looking email signatures here: https://youtu.be/H3KYKw9iIjc.

Where to get it

In iTunes and Google Play app stores.


Google Calendar

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What mobile phone would be complete without a calendar? I prefer to use the Google Calendar app. It’s super easy to use and syncs automatically.

Ways you can use the Google Calendar app on your mobile device

  • Enter new appointments when you make them. This way you don’t need to take one of those appointment reminder cards.
  • Enter in addresses when you create new calendar events, and it will be super easy to click on the address on your phone and get directions.
  • Attach documents, PDF’s, etc. to your calendar event, and you can then open them on your phone while you’re at the event. (Evernote is great for this too.)

Where to get it

In iTunes and Google Play app stores.


Google Voice

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I promise this is the last Google product in this list. Google Voice is excellent and it’s free. Google Voice is a free service that allows you to choose a phone number and have the call ring through to your cell phone. That way you can keep your personal cell phone private.

Ways you can use the Google Voice app on your mobile device

  • Make calls inside the Google Voice app. That way the phone number that shows up is your Google Voice number, not your personal mobile phone number.
  • Send and receive text messages inside the app.
  • Read voicemail transcripts without listening to the recording inside the app.

Where to get it

Sign up here https://voice.google.com/u/0/signup and then download the app in iTunes or Google Play.


Marco Polo

marco polo mobile.png

Did you ever play Marco Polo in the swimming pool when you were a child? (Or maybe you still do!) Well, now there is a Marco Polo app that’s a free walkie-talkie like app where you can talk. You can choose to show your face or an image, and it has lots of cool features. I was very hesitant to use this app but now use it daily.

Ways you can use the Marco Polo app on your mobile device

  • Use Marco Polo to stay in touch with your accountability partner. I love this! I hop on most morning and do a video message to my accountability partner and tell her what I want to accomplish that day. I then either check in later in the day or the following morning. It’s a great way to stay accountable without having to get on a phone call or Zoom meeting.
  • Use it to coach clients or answer client questions. You can show your face, or you can turn the camera so it can show your computer screen or other items.
  • Connect with family and friends in a fun way. It’s even got fun features where you can add silly drawings or images and even change the sound of your voice, so you sound like a robot or like you’ve just sucked up some helium.

Where to get it

In iTunes and Google Play app stores.


Parking App

parking app .png

I love my parking app. I live in a large city with lots of paid parking spots, and if you download the parking app in your area, it will make parking so much easier.

Ways you can use a Parking app on your mobile device

  • You’ll set up a credit card with the app to make paying super easy.
  • Get a text message when your parking time is about to expire.
  • Add time from your phone when possible, so you don’t have to go “feed the parking meter.”

Where to get it

The easiest way is to check the signs next time you pay for parking. There should be a link to easily get the parking area that is used in your area.


Voice Memo App

voice memo app.png

Do you talk to yourself? I do! And I use the Voice Memo app on my phone a lot. You can do this in Evernote too, but I like my Voice Memo Recorder.

Ways you can use a Voice Memo app on your mobile device

  • Record affirmations or other positive statements and play them back to motivate yourself to reach your goals.
  • Record blogs or reports you have to write and then transcribe into text. (AmberScript is great for transcribing.
  • Have a mini therapy session with yourself. I love this! Next time you’re stressed or trying to solve a problem open the Voice Memo app, hit record, and start talking. You may be surprised at what comes out when you start talking and know that no one else is listening. This can be very enlightening.

Where to get it

It comes with iPhones https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT206775, and there are a lot of other voice memo apps out there.


Modern Essentials

modern essentials app.png

I use essential oils daily and love using my Modern Essentials app to find solutions to minor health or emotional “issues.”

Ways you can use the Modern Essentials app on your mobile device

  • Get educated on how you can use essential oils for health and wellness.
  • Next time you experience pain or start feeling ill, open up the app and search for possible solutions using essential oils.
  • Learn how to make your own natural products like skin products and cleaning products.

Where to get it

In iTunes and Google Play app stores. And if you're curious how essential oils can benefit you, check out my free guide here.


So what are your favorite apps? Comment below and share why.


Even a few goodies for the non-sync'd among us - thanks!

By motif.jackie on Wed, Sep 19, 18 at 10:30 · Reply

A couple of my favourites are DASHLANE - the best password manager I've tested.  I love it and recommend it to everyone.  A huge time saver and massive stress-remover.


Also, DAY ONE journal app.  Lets me make notes, add photos and more.  Quick and easy to use.  I love it.

By Mary Collin on Wed, Sep 19, 18 at 14:24 · Reply

I love DAY ONE Journal app too! The pictures are great. I also like how you can use tags and how it has writing prompts. I'm going to have to check out Dashlane - thanks for the tip!

By Angela Andrews Staff on Fri, Sep 28, 18 at 18:27 · Reply

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