How to do a Brain Dump and Create Master Lists to Help You Manage Your Tasks

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Do you ever get overwhelmed thinking about all the tasks and to do's you need to get done? Do you even know all the tasks that need to get done to help you reach your goals? Using the Brain Dump exercise and creating some Master Tasks Lists is a wonderful way to manage your tasks and be more productive. 

How to do the Brain Dump Exercise and Create Your Master Task Lists

  • Grab some paper and writing materials. You can do this directly into your task application such as Trello or Todoist, but I prefer paper because for some reason it’s easier for me to keep the content flowing using paper.)
  • List out all the tasks you need to get done. Large or small. Personal or business/career. All of it.

  • Now go into your task application and create 2 lists: one for Personal and one for Business/Career. If you don’t have a business or career just create the Personal list.

  • Now take those items you listed in the Brain Dump exercise and put them into the appropriate Master Task List.

You can also add any relevant details about each task if you have it handy. You can enter a due date if it has one and any other pertinent info that will make it easier for you to complete the task.

Now you’ll have 2 lists to keep a running record of all your tasks.


Using Master Tasks Lists Going Forward

The goal in having your Master Task Lists is that you enter all new tasks into your Master Task List and each week you’ll review what tasks need to be moved into your “NOW To Do List” Your NOW To Do List are those tasks you’re going to complete this week. Learn more on the Chaos 2 Clarity Challenge here

For now, just get in the habit of adding new tasks to your Master Task List unless it needs to be handled right away.

More Tips on Organizing Your Master Task Lists

  • You can do categories or sub lists inside each of your Master Task List. For example, inside by Business Master Task List, I have categories like Marketing, Courses, Product Ideas, Ideas for Future Courses, and Financial Stuff. Inside my Personal Master Task List, I have categories like Household, Errands, A Fun List (great way to keep a list of ideas for fun things to do!), and Spiritual/Self-Awareness.

  • When you think of related items for one of your tasks, open your task app and add them. For example, as I was creating my latest challenge, I would be working on something entirely unrelated to the challenge, but an idea would pop into my head. So I’d stop what I was doing, go into Trello on my desktop, and add my notes and thoughts. I then went back to what I was doing so I stayed focused. The important thing: I captured my idea yet didn’t lose my focus on the task at hand.

I keep other stuff in my Master Task Lists like an ongoing grocery list, a list of courses I want to take, and more.

Here are some other ideas to consider when completing your Master Task Lists: 

  • Household tasks like repairs and improvements 

  • Annual or regular items like car maintenance 

  • Errands you need to run 

  • A Pending category for tasks that are waiting on something or 
someone before you can complete it 

  • Upcoming vacations or holidays you need to prepare for 

  • Business events you may have tasks for 

  • Marketing and promotional items for your business or career 

  • And on and on.... 


Do your Brain Dump and create your Master Tasks Lists. You can learn more in the Chaos 2 Clarity Challenge here.


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