5 Incredibly Important Things I Learned From Louise Hay

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Hello Beautiful,

Louise Hay changed my life. Dramatically. Powerfully. Beautifully.

Have you heard of Louise Hay? She was the author and founder of Hay House Publishing. She wrote several books, but the one that changed my life was You Can Heal Your Life. I remember where I was when I first started reading that book, and it was many years ago back in 1994. I remember I was on my porch. I remember the chair I was sitting in. I remember how reading her words made such a significant impact on...

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How to Create Your Own POWERBOOK

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For many years I have used what I call my PowerBook. It’s a powerful tool I created to keep me focused on what is important to me and I use mine daily. Here is how to prepare your own PowerBook:

Step 1

Purchase a journal or notebook that you want to use, making sure it has at least 100 pages or so. Get one that is a color or design that you find pleasing. If you are using a plain notebook, you can decorate the cover with pictures and words you like.

Step 2

Go through magazines...

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