How to Use the Power of the New Moon to Manifest Your Goals

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Did you know that you could tap into the power of the New Moon to help you manifest your goals?

The moon has always held this mysterious energy about it and many cultures believe it has the power to help you lead a successful, happy life. Each moon cycle means different things but during the New Moon, it’s a potent time to set intentions and goals.

This is your guide on how to do a monthly New Moon Goal Setting Ritual. Join me for my free New Moon Goal Setting Workshops here


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21 Simple Ways to Accomplish Your Goals


We’re all different and there’s no one goal-setting strategy that is perfect for everyone—but there are many goal-setting strategies that are perfect for just one person.

Here are twenty-one tried-and-true strategies: I challenge you to try each one at least once, to see which work best for you.   


1. Brainstorm with Sticky Notes

The beauty of using sticky notes as a business planning aid is two-fold: You can create your own memory aid or category using...

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