Money Matters

How to Use a Money Tracker to Bring More Abundance Into Your Life


This organizing tip for you is about MONEY.

Getting more of it.

Manifesting more.

Being grateful for the money you do have.

I want to share a tool I use to keep me positive (most of the time!), focused, and grateful. It’s called the Money Tracker

So how does it work you ask?

Very simple. Very quick to do. And very magical. (Yes, there is something magical about writing down all of your incoming money.)

Here’s how you do it:

  1. You’re going to pick where you want to...

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Money Matters: How to Systematize Everything from Invoicing To Tax Preparation


Here’s an all-too-common scenario: A seemingly successful coach (or service provider) is hard at work growing her business. She’s working lots of hours, and her hourly rate is respectable. But her cash flow is dismal.


Because she’s working so hard that finding the time to actually take control of her money is impossible.

Invoices don’t get sent on time. Past due balances are ignored. Taxes aren’t done. And maybe worst of all, she’s got dozens of...

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