How to Set up Email Templates in Gmail to Save Time

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Did you know you could use Gmail email templates to quickly send out canned responses that you create? And what’s cool is you can load the template and still make changes to the email before sending it.

This is a great way to save time and be more efficient with your emails.

Let’s say you’re a coach and speaker and maybe you get a lot of inquiries to book your speaking services. You could set up an email template with all the information you want to reply with and save as a...

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How to Get Your Calendar Organized

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Do you use a digital calendar? Is your calendar up to date with all your events and appointments added?

In this week’s Organize Your Life project I’m going to show you how to add events to your calendar and use it effectively. I show you using Google Calendar but these tips will work with most any digital calendar.

Watch the video and learn:

  • How to add a new event on Google Calendar
  • How to set up recurring events like regular appointments, birthdays, etc.
  • What items you should...

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15 Easy Ways to Be More Productive

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Being productive doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 15 easy ways to not only be more productive but also be better organized and reduce stress.

  1. Do your most important or most difficult task first thing in the morning.

    Have you seen the quote by Mark Twain: “If it's your job to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning.” Wise words.

  1. Use your best working hours for important projects.

    Figure out what times of the day you’re out energized and do your important...

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How to Use the Power of the New Moon to Manifest Your Goals

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Did you know that you could tap into the power of the New Moon to help you manifest your goals?

The moon has always held this mysterious energy about it and many cultures believe it has the power to help you lead a successful, happy life. Each moon cycle means different things but during the New Moon, it’s a potent time to set intentions and goals.

This is your guide on how to do a monthly New Moon Goal Setting Ritual. Join me for my free New Moon Goal Setting Workshops here


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How to Use Evernote to EASILY Organize Your Receipts

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There are many different programs and apps out there to organize your receipts but why get another app? Use Evernote for your receipts and have everything all in one place. And if you’re not using Evernote you should be. It will save you TONS of time! Learn more about Evernote here.

I’m going to show you how quick and easy it is to create your system and use it every day using Evernote.

IMPORTANT: The key is: to actually use your system for it to work. That means every time you...

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Your Guide to Organize and Declutter Your Digital Life

TW-Declutter Checklist.png

Are you feeling information overload and ready to get organized and declutter your life?

Do you feel like you’re always doing, doing, doing but never quite achieving your goals?

Was that a BIG YES?!

I’m sharing my personal organizing and decluttering system that will get you organized and go from “Help, I’m so disorganized!” to feeling organized almost every day.

Let's get started...



By the way, you can get all these tips on the FREE CHECKLIST...

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Your Guide to Declutter and Organize Your Apps

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I’ve been thinking about life before apps. (I know. Strange thing to ponder.)

How did we ever get anything done without our smartphones and apps?

I mean, just think: some of us remember a time when we were able to find a new restaurant without GPS and to top it off we went to the restaurant simply because someone told us it was good; not because we read a good review on Yelp.

It’s so easy to forget what it was like before we had cool timesaving tools like apps. But….....

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21 Simple Ways to Accomplish Your Goals


We’re all different and there’s no one goal-setting strategy that is perfect for everyone—but there are many goal-setting strategies that are perfect for just one person.

Here are twenty-one tried-and-true strategies: I challenge you to try each one at least once, to see which work best for you.   


1. Brainstorm with Sticky Notes

The beauty of using sticky notes as a business planning aid is two-fold: You can create your own memory aid or category using...

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21 Ways to Manage Your Out of Control Email Inbox


It’s not always all about the apps and add-ons when you’re learning to manage your inbox like a pro. There are plenty more time-saving tips and techniques you can quickly put into practice.

Here are twenty-one ideas—pick and choose the ones that grab you the most.  

#1: Create Groups (now called Labels in Google Contacts) If you regularly need to send the same email to groups of people (e.g. clients, team members) consider creating groups/labels so you can mass-mail to...

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How to Decide Which Version of Evernote Is Right for YOU


You’ve heard of Evernote – that awesome organizing program that’s supposed to make your life simpler, right? And it sounds like a miracle from above – one program that can “manage it all” as their website says.

All of your important documents, project notes, contacts, shopping lists, everything but the kitchen sink in one place (maybe the kitchen sink will come in the next update, who knows?)!

And to top it all off – it’s FREE to get started!...

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