This step-by-step system will show you how to organize and declutter your digital life, set up a system for task management, and get more done by utilizing powerful PROVEN strategies.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Module 1

In this module, you’re going to learn tips for goal setting, creating your mission statement, designing your own Life Script, PLUS some mindset tools and how to create specific rituals and habits to get empowered every day. This step is crucial to help you stay motivated and get things done.

Here’s how you’ll get there:

  • Know your goals. I’ll help you figure out your goals and use the Power of 3 to accomplish them easier and faster.

  • Design a life you love. You’re going to create your own mission statement to help you in your decision-making processes and even create your own Life Script, which is a powerful tool to help you accomplish your goals.

  • Daily Habits. I’ll help you create daily habits that will help you stay focused and motivated. By setting up regular habits, you’ll wake up feeling more peace, order and organization each day.

Module 2

You’re going to learn ways to reduce procrastination and boost your productivity. This module is packed with timesaver tips and hacks.

Here’s how you’ll get there:

  • Focused Energy. You’ll discover how to use focused energy and chunks of time to accomplish your goals more quickly and peacefully - and bring out more creativity!

  • Crush Procrastination and Turbo Charge Your Motivation. You’re going to learn ways to overcome procrastination so you can get motivated to take action and get things done.

  • Analyze Your Time. You’re going to find out what hours of the day you work best so you can maximize it to get those really tough projects done.

Module 3

In this module, I’m going to show you several different tasks management programs like Trello, Todoist, and Asana so you can choose which one best fits your needs. Plus you’re going to learn how to get all your tasks into a Master Task List and create templates to save you lots of time.

Here’s how you’ll get there:

  • Task Management Programs. I’ll show you several different task management programs to choose from and how to choose one that’s perfect for you.

  • Brain Dump and Master Tasks Lists. I’ll show you how to do my favorite Brain Dump exercise to help you figure out all the tasks you need to accomplish. I’ll also show you how to use Master Tasks Lists so you don’t forget anything.

  • Creating Templates. You’ll learn how to create task templates and why you should use them to save time.

Module 4

I’ll show you how to tie the whole Be Productive System together so you have a step-by-step weekly process to stay organized, focus more easily, and get things done. You’ll know you’ve accomplished tasks each and every week and you’ll be motivated to continue.

Here's how you'll get there.

  • Weekly Review. You’re going to learn the Weekly Review process where you’ll gain insights on what’s working and what’s not working so you can adjust your roadmap.

  • 7-Step Be Productive System. You’re going to learn how to use the weekly system to stay organized and always know exactly what you need to accomplish in the coming week.

  • Digital Declutter. You’re going to learn how to do digital decluttering techniques every week so you stay organized.

Module 5

Now that you’ve learned the foundations of task and time management we’ll start conquering all your “stuff.” Do you feel like you’re in information overload? We can fix that!

Here’s how you’ll get there:

  • Evernote. You’ll learn how to use Evernote to be your collection bin for all your information. You’ll be able to find what you need when you need it, super quickly.

  • Going (Semi) Paperless. I’m going to show you some easy ways you can go more paperless to help not only declutter your physical space but allow you to find your information quicker and easier.

  • Computer Files. I’ll give you some tips on how to organize your computer’s files so you can find things when you need them.

  • Safeguarding Your Files. I’ll show you ways to backup your files and data so you never lose anything. (Super important!)

Module 6

We’ll move on to your calendar, get it updated and make sure you’re using it effectively so you’re on time and prepared.

Here’s how you’ll get there:

  • Types of Calendars. I’ll show you different types of calendars and help you pick one that works for you.

  • Google Calendar. I’ll show you how to use and maximize Google Calendar and make sure you’re getting reminders. I’ll show you ways to use different calendars, share them and use calendars to accomplish your goals.

  • Calendar Up to Date. I’ll show you the quickest way to get your calendar up to date and ways to use it going forward.

Module 7

In the final module we’re going to tackle your email and get your inbox cleaned up. Yes, you CAN do this! I’ll show you email time-saver tips that will greatly reduce the time you spend reading emails. I’ll show you all of this using Gmail but these tips apply to most email programs.

Here’s how you’ll get there:

  • Labels and Folders. I’ll show you why you should use labels and ditch creating folders and how to do it. This process helps make sure you don’t miss important emails.

  • Rules & Filters. I’ll show you how to set up rules and filters to declutter and organize your email.

  • Contacts. You’ll learn how to easily use Google Contacts to store emails, phone numbers, addresses and more for your contacts.

  • Clean Up. I’ll show you how to easily cleanup your inbox even if you have tens of thousands of unread emails!

  • Processing Emails. I’ll show you tips to use when you’re processing your email every day so it doesn’t get out of control.




You’re probably going to have questions and I am here to guide you as you learn the system and get organized. You’ll have access to a private Facebook Group for people like you who have purchased the Blueprint where you can get your questions answered. 

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Have more questions?


Do I have to take the modules in order?

I suggest doing Modules 1-4 first but if you need urgent help with Evernote, Calendar, or Email then dig in and start there. Just make sure to complete all the modules to learn the entire Be Productive Blueprint.

How many hours should I plan on dedicating to using this system once I’ve set it up?

Once you’ve learned the system and set up all your tools you’ll need to dedicate an hour every week to reviewing and planning. If you can’t commit to at least an hour there is no need to take this course, as you won’t be able to stay organized. (Believe me - it’s so worth it!) I typically do my reviewing and planning on end of day Fridays or Sundays but you can do it anytime.


Do I need to spend any additional money on tools you recommend?

In this course I recommend getting a task management program like Trello, Todoist, or Asana. Most have free versions but you're going to want the paid version to maximize the tools. I recommend Trello Gold, which is $5 per user per month or $45 a year. I also recommend the Premium version of Evernote, which is about $70/year and totally worth it. Both Trello and Evernote have free trials so you don’t have to spend a thing to get started.

  • “This program is amazing! Starting with a mission statement threw me off and I was tempted to skip it, but I didn't. I revised my mission statement and created something that captured my life and business in a magical way and it changed everything for me. My mission statement now is so clear, heartfelt and soulful. Now I can go through and organize my life and business with the very energy that ignites my heart. I'm taking the time to work through each module and set systems up. This course is making me Be Productive and I love it.”

    The Spiritual Love Coach

  • “I went to organize my workflow and found Angela Andrews and Evernote. What a blessing! I have saved TIME and frustration AND I am organized. She is a fantastic trainer, is creative and helped me see so many applications for Evernote, I had not thought about. Wonderful experience I will carry into my business and personal life. This training lasts forever!”

  • “I've gone 80% paperless since Angela introduced me to Evernote and her system!”

  • “Again, thank you - Angela. You have the perfect name an 'Angel' sent along my journey. You are such a blessing!”

This is some of what you’ll experience by taking this course...


  • You’ll start your day peacefully knowing the exact tasks you need to do that day. None of that “Oh my gosh - where do I even start” feeling.

  • You’ll feel confident that tasks won’t be forgotten because you’ve recorded them and will get them done.

  • You won’t miss important emails and appointments because your email and calendar are up to date.

  • You’ll be able to find your files and data because you know where it’s stored and how to find it.

  • Most importantly: You’ll know your short-term goals and focus on them every week so you reach your long-term goals too.






$297 total

Lifetime Access
  • Goal Setting & Mindset Module
  • Time Management Module
  • Task Management Module
  • The Be Productive Weekly System Module
  • Your Stuff (Evernote, Files, Data, Storage) Module
  • Calendar Module
  • Your Email & Contacts Module
  • Insider's Facebook Group
  • Office Hours


$167 each

Lifetime Access
  • Goal Setting & Mindset Module
  • Time Management Module
  • Task Management Module
  • The Be Productive Weekly System Module
  • Your Stuff (Evernote, Files, Data, Storage) Module
  • Calendar Module
  • Your Email & Contacts Module
  • Insider's Facebook Group
  • Office Hours

"I hope to see you inside the Be More Productive Blueprint course!"
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