You’ve heard of Evernote – that awesome organizing program that’s supposed to make your life simpler, right? And it sounds like a miracle from above – one program that can “manage it all” as their website says. All of your important documents, project notes, contacts, shopping lists, everything but the kitchen sink in one place (maybe the kitchen sink will come in the next update, who knows?)! And to top it all off – it’s FREE to get started!

So you create your account, download the apps, and get on your laptop ready to experience the amazing wonders of Evernote.

And then…you get stuck. And confused. 

You look at the blank Evernote documents with all of the menu options, but you don’t know where to start. That simplicity you were hoping to get with this is out there, and you know you can get it. But a whole new wave of overwhelm and “analysis paralysis” hits you, and you’ll be wondering “Can I really do this?” You’re at the starting point, and your Evernote journey appears to already be going Ever-nowhere.

But what if you could get specialized training on how to use this multi-purpose tool, at a rate that fits your budget and by someone officially CERTIFIED to teach it to you? Now, wherever shall you find this?

I’ve got the news that will make your day: You can get it from me!  That’s right, Simplifiers.


I’m 1 of only 179 Evernote Certified Consultants in the United States (there are over 150 million Evernote users) and I can show you how to go from EverNovice to EverKnowItAll!


I can take you through the basics, into the advanced features, and straight into implementation so that you can start seeing results right away!

The fear and confusion that you have right now? Imagine jumping right from that to breakthroughs and “WOW! I can do that!” moments. How that feels is how you’re going to feel after we finish.

What will you get from investing in this training and becoming an Evernote Pro?

  • More Free Time with all of the things that you can do so much more quickly (saving information, creating templates, organizing)

  • Peace of Mind of knowing “Don’t worry; It’s in Evernote!” (That might become your personal catchphrase when we’re done!)

  • Having everything written down on your lists. Yep, everything. From your task lists to grocery shopping to celebrity crushes, well, if that last one’s important to you.

  • You save trees!  Less time and more digital space mean less writing things down on paper, so now you’re not just a hero to yourself but to the environment!

  • You’ll save money! Time is money and with less time focused on the tasks that Evernote makes easier, you’ll have more time going towards bringing in income!

  • This is an investment that you’ll make back quickly! With the extra time and money flowing to you, the cost of this program will come back into your wallet almost like it never left!

  • Much less stressful days.

“But what if a question comes to mind after the training, or I forget something while putting these lessons to work?” I’ve prepared for that! After we complete our training together you will have a week of unlimited email access to ask any questions that come up in the process.

Let’s do this!

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Get a 90-minute session of personalized 1:1 Evernote Training plus 1 week of unlimited email support.



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  • “I wanted to organize my workflow and found Angela Andrews and Evernote. What a blessing! I have saved TIME and frustration AND I am organized. She is a fantastic trainer, is creative and helped me see so many applications for Evernote, I had not thought about. Wonderful experience I will carry into my business and personal life. This training lasts forever!””

    RN, CNC, PhD

  • ““I've gone 80% paperless since Angela taught me about using Evernote. I used to print everything! Now I'm saving trees, ink, landfills. Love it! Keep teaching me! ””

  • “I just finished my second session with Angela on Evernote. WOW!! Since I started using Evernote I have saved time, and been able to access so much with this truly early system Angela's training made me a pro quickly. Do yourself a favor and start off this year ORGANIZED!! Call Angela! ”

    RN, CNC, PhD, Performance Expert

  • “If you’re thinking you want to simplify your life or business but don’t know where to start, I highly recommend you get in touch with Angela. She’s a Simplicity Goddess Coach and she will give you clear and concise guidance and tools to help you move forward Angela listens to what is absolutely needed and has a special gift to make everything simple and stress-free. Her holistic attitude to simplicity has empowered me to look at my business in a different “light” and she is my go-to person for any ongoing projects. ”

    Online Marketing Strategy Coach & Consultant