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Is this you? 

✔️ Do you feel pressure and stress because you always have too much to do and don’t get to spend enough time doing things you really want to do?

✔️ Do you feel like you can’t find things (documents, files, other belongings) because you have too much “stuff”?

✔️ Do you sometimes feel like you're buried in paper?

Are you ready to get organized once and for all - simplify - and stay that way?



✔️ The Simplifize Your Life Checklist. Your complete Simplifize Lifestyle checklist to help you see what areas of your life you need to get organized so you can truly live a simplified life.

✔️ Two Organizing Projects a month. Every other week starting December 31st you'll get a new organizing project so you can take action to get all areas of your life organized.

✔️Free Courses. Access to all my free courses and challenges.

Nourishing Community. Be part of a supportive Community dedicated to helping you get organized, simplify, and bring more peace into your life. And since this is a private community it's without all the noise of social media platforms. Get just what you need to transform your life.

  • “I went to organize my workflow and found Angela Andrews and Evernote. What a blessing! I have saved TIME and frustration AND I am organized. She is a fantastic trainer, is creative and helped me see so many applications for Evernote, I had not thought about. Wonderful experience I will carry into my business and personal life. This training lasts forever!”

  • “I've gone 80% paperless since Angela taught me about using Evernote. I used to print everything! Now I'm saving trees, ink, landfills. Love it! Keep teaching me! ”

  • “What an eye opener! The Be Productive Blueprint course has really brought into perspective how much wasted energy I was directing towards tasks that weren't supporting my mission and goals in life. Since I've started this course I've decreased my negativity towards myself and others, spent more time focused on what I'm grateful for each day and learned to identify if the tasks I place on my task lists really support the life I want to lead. Thank you!! I would highly recommend this course!”

    Educational Consultant

  • “This Be Productive Blueprint program is amazing! Starting with a mission statement threw me off and I was tempted to skip it, but I didn't. I revised my mission statement and created something that captured my life and business in a magical way and it changed everything for me. My mission statement now is so clear, heartfelt and soulful. Now I can go through and organize my life and business with the very energy that ignites my heart. I'm taking the time to work through each module and set systems up. This course is making me Be Productive and I love it.”

    The Spiritual Love Coach

  • “Working with Angela has been easy, straight forward, no jargon needed. Angela listens and understands exactly what you want and need and gives you a solution for your digital presence that is tailored to you and only you. Angela creates video tutorials and training for your "home hub" which will keep you accountable and on deadline. From my experience of managing projects I know that this is essential so I 1000% recommend Angela for all your website build and also digital organizing through Evernote and other tools that Angela has tried and tested.”

    9-5 Exit Strategist and Coach


Are you ready to get organized, eliminate information overload, and increase your productivity? Check out the Be Productive Blueprint.

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I'm Angela and I'm an Organized Alchemist.

Traditionally, an alchemist has been someone who transforms base metals into precious gold or silver. As an Organized Alchemist I work with you to manifest personal change by decluttering, organizing and focusing on what's most important in your life in a way that seems almost magical; so you have more freedom to live a life you truly love full of divine purpose and passion.